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Having a marketing plan is essential to success. We will work with you to create a strategy that reflects the goals of your institution and is within your budget. Whether it is an event-based plan, recurring quarterly plan, or a full fiscal-year season plan, we can work with you to create a strategy that reflects your needs and increases your reach. 

 Services can include:
  • Marketing impact audit & analysis 
  • Yearly (fiscal or calendar) marketing planning 
  • Market research & audience development
  • Event marketing (full branding package) including, Copywriting assistance (event description), Email design and/or editing, Event collateral & graphic design and General branding and event collateral creation

Public relations can be a powerful tool to create and maintain a positive reputation for your institution. We will work with you to clearly communicate your institution’s mission, identify differentiating factors, contact media, and ultimately reach your target patron base.

Services can include:

  • Creation of press releases and news alerts 
  • Editing and polishing of existing alerts 
  • Branding strategy and direction  
  • Placement of editorial content 
  • Pitching of stories and media representation 
  • General public relations support 
Paid Advertising

Often used as an avenue to rip off institutions with inflated pricing, paid advertising can be a game-changer if used correctly. We will work directly with the media throughout the media buying process, evaluate your past social media campaign’s effectiveness and place your institution’s message on platforms that will shine a light on the brand and mission of your institution. 

Services can include:
      Media Management
  • Traditional media buying (print, radio, TV)
  • Regional purchasing (SF, Boston, St. Louis), national and international
  • Graphic Design Services 
      Digital Advertising
  • Meta Ads: Facebook & Instagram (design of ads, copywriting, ad optimization and reporting)
  • LinkedIn Ads: (design of ads, copywriting, ad optimization and reporting)
Digital Marketing & Strategy

Paying attention to digital marketing can rapidly increase the effectiveness of your overall strategy. Starting with a simple analysis, we will help you understand the importance of tracking and provide you with digital solutions that will give you the best return on your investment. 

Services can include:
  • SEO Services
  • Organic social media marketing 
  • Social media audit (a comprehensive look at the impact of past campaigns both paid and unpaid)
  • Social media content guidance 
  • Email marketing services including, lead generation creation and implementation, general email marketing plan, ongoing copywriting, email design, email list management & newsletter support. 

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