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There is an art to communicating well and a purpose to marketing.

We believe that marketing is about more than selling a product. It is about highlighting your institution’s purpose and developing a message that you are passionate about.

We are a fully remote agency with offices based out of Boston, MA, and St. Louis, MO. 

From personal experience, we understand how multifaceted nonprofit staff and small business owners are expected to be. Because of this, we aim to take the pressure off so staff can focus on their roles. We know you probably already have enough on your plate. That’s where we come in! We work with organizations and companies of all sizes to help you make the biggest impact.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to enhance your in-house marketing strategies, we’re here to help.

It's personal.

In addition to our core team listed below, we have an incredible support team of designers, copywriters, digital strategists and other specialists to make sure your marketing makes an impact.

Charissa Marciniak
Founder and Owner

    Charissa Marciniak is passionate about all forms of communication and desires to help others create meaning for their brand. As a well-rounded marketing professional with experience both in and out of the non-profit sector, she understands the unique style of transactions and financial goals that nonprofits bring to the table.  

    After holding marketing positions at prominent arts organizations (COCA-Center for Creative Arts and The Bach Society of Saint Louis), Charissa’s passion for marketing took her into the profit sector. During her time there, she actively managed over 500K+ yearly media budgets and led all design and content decisions. 

    Charissa founded Right Relations because of the discrepancy she noticed in the nonprofit marketing field. She firmly believes that the approach to marketing is unique and each institution should have the ability to reach their target in an engaging and efficient way. Her experience as a classical musician informs her approach and helps her to connect on a personal level with the institutions she serves.

    She holds degrees in both Speech Communication Studies and Classical Voice from Webster University. When not focused on finding the best avenues for her clients, Charissa is usually in a spin class, cooking up an unconventional meal, or supporting the local Boston arts scene.

Andie Murphy
Project Manager


    Andie Murphy finds joy in helping others and making the world a better place. Her passion for the arts led her to a career in nonprofit marketing. Most recently, Andie served as the Marketing Manager at the Arts and Education Council of Greater St. Louis, the region’s only United Arts Fund, which supports arts and arts education in Missouri and Illinois. 

    Her experience in the nonprofit space includes writing, design, social media, website management, public relations, project management, and more. Andie joined the Right Relations team because she’s seen how nonprofit teams often don’t have enough time or resources to develop and implement the strategic communication plans that they need. 

    She’s excited to collaborate with nonprofit organizations to support their unique missions. She holds two bachelor’s degrees in English: Creative Writing and Theatre Studies and Dramaturgy from Webster University. Outside of her work, you can find her reading a great book, exploring the great outdoors or trying one of the countless incredible restaurants around St. Louis.

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