How to stay connected to your community after an event

It’s gala season! Hosting events builds a sense of community around your organization and mission, but what happens after the event? How do you continue to foster that connection with your donors and supporters?
Let’s explore some strategies that you can use to stay connected after the event ends.
Follow Up with Personalized Thank-You Notes

After your event, be sure to follow up with thank-you notes to attendees expressing your appreciation for their support. Personalizing the note shows that you care and creates a lasting impression in the donor’s mind. 

If you hosted a large event, it might not be feasible to send personalized notes to everyone. Alternatively, you can send a merged email that still addresses the recipient directly or divide and conquer by asking for support from your board and other staff members. If it’s still too much to take on, you can also send a group thank you email or message.

Share Post-Event Updates

Post-event updates can include photos from the event, highlights from any speeches, or any key accomplishments achieved as a result of the event. Sharing these updates will help your donors and supporters feel like they were a part of something bigger and are making a real impact – which they absolutely are!

Conduct Surveys

After an event is an excellent time to gather feedback from your donors and supporters. You can use this feedback to improve future events and also to understand the needs and interests of your audience better. Make sure your survey is well-designed, easy to complete, and includes questions that are relevant to the event and your organization. 

Offer Volunteer Opportunities

Consider offering volunteer opportunities to your attendees after the event. This could include helping out at your organization’s next event or working on a specific project. Not all donors are interested in volunteering, but even asking can show that you recognize and appreciate how they value your mission. Make sure to provide clear instructions and expectations, and recognize and appreciate the efforts of your volunteers.

Provide Exclusive Content or Access

Providing exclusive content or access can make your donors and supporters feel valued and connected. This could include offering exclusive behind-the-scenes tours, access to special events, or even exclusive content such as unique digital communications available only to them. Make sure to communicate the value of the content or access you are providing and how it aligns with your organization’s mission. 

Staying connected with your donors and supporters after your events is crucial to maintaining a strong relationship with them. By using some or all of these strategies, you can keep your donors and supporters engaged and invested in your organization’s mission. Remember, it’s not just about thanking your donors once; it’s about building a lasting relationship with them that will keep them supporting your organization for years to come.

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