December Right Now Report

It can be daunting to try and keep up with new marketing trends, updates and best practices, while you are managing everything that goes into day-to-day operations. At Right Relations we are the marketing experts so you don’t have to be.

We created the Right Now Report to give you the high-level updates you need without the unnecessary clutter. In the December Report, we’re covering what to do to round out your Year-End giving plans, a few interesting social updates and a tip to set your institution up for success in 2024.

Giving Tuesday happened…now what?

It’s no secret that the end of the year is an important time for nonprofits. But how important is it? According to a 2022 Year-End Giving Report by the Fundraising Effectiveness Project, on average, 40% of donations happen during October, November and December and 30% of annual giving happens in December alone. While Giving Tuesday can play a role in that year-end bump, that doesn’t mean your fundraising efforts should slow down afterward. 

From tax planning to an increased spirit of generosity people have a range of reasons for giving in December. Here are a few ways you can keep the momentum going: 

  • Utilize a multi-tiered approach. Make sure your year-end campaigns reach people where they’re at – online and off. A multi-tiered approach will generate more support. 
  • Send out more than one year-end appeal. It’s a busy time of year for everyone and even your most ardent supporters might miss your first request. If you’re sending an appeal by mail, you might consider also emailing your ask.
  • Reduce barriers to donating. If it’s been a while since you’ve tried out your giving platform. Take a moment to test it from beginning to end. Is anything confusing? Do you get caught on a page? Do you have a variety of payment methods? Make adjustments that make it easy for people to efficiently support your mission. 

No matter the time of year, don’t forget to express your gratitude for your donors and other supporters. They’re your partners in making your mission possible.

Social Media Update Roundup

Social media platforms are continually innovating and adding new features to increase user engagement, stay ahead of the competition, monetize their platforms and generally improve their overall user experience. But, all these changes can be hard to keep up with.

Here’s a quick overview of some updates that caught our eye recently:
  • Threads users can opt out of automatically sharing their Threads posts on Facebook and Instagram. Meta introduced a toggle option to make this happen so users can keep their social accounts separated if they want. 
  • LinkedIn introduces “Audio Events,” enabling users and pages with more than 150 followers and/or connections to host and engage in live audio discussions.
  • Meta is rolling out an A/B testing feature for Reels creators on Instagram and Facebook, allowing them to experiment with different versions of their content, such as varied captions or thumbnails. These versions will be tested with a subset of the audience, and after 30 minutes the top-performing one will “win” the test and be the version shown to future viewers.
  • LinkedIn has enhanced its custom button feature, initially launched in April for Premium users. Now, all users can include one of six Call to Action buttons on their profiles, directing traffic to unique URLs such as “Visit my website” or “View my blog.” This feature now extends to users’ posts, showcasing the button below their name or headline making it easier for viewers to engage with the poster while browsing posts. 
  • Meta is introducing new and refreshed Reels metrics. This includes Reels-specific reach categorized by followers and non-followers, distribution scores, and retention graphs. Expanded insights into Reels replays will offer a deeper understanding of engagement patterns.
Make 2024 the year you figure out AI

Beyond creating a comprehensive marketing plan and strategy, you might wonder what you can do to set yourself up for success in 2024? Consider embracing new technologies. The ever-evolving landscape introduces tools that empower marketers to expand their reach, enhance campaign efficacy, and streamline tasks.

Marketers should actively explore emerging technologies, especially artificial intelligence (AI), to stay ahead. Consider investing a few hours to explore free resources like the LinkedIn Learning course “Career Essentials in Generative AI.” This course equips professionals with foundational skills crucial for applying generative artificial intelligence in their work, covering AI principles, understanding generative AI models, ethical considerations, and practical applications of these tools.

If you have any questions about these topics or would like support in implementing these trends in your own marketing strategy, we’re here to help. We’re committed to helping you navigate the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing with ease.

We’d love to hear from you! Reach out to us today to explore how working with Right Relations can help you stay ahead of the curve and bring joy back to your marketing efforts.

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